Boiler Repair in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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The boiler is one of the most vital elements in your home. It helps create the hot water that you use to wash your clothes and take showers, and it helps to prevent burst pipes in the winter. However, your boiler can fall victim to common problems. When this happens, don't try to fix the issue on your own. Trust repairs to your technicians at Lodder Brothers Limited. We provide guaranteed service at upfront rates for residents throughout Guelph and surrounding areas.

Is Your Boiler Experiencing These Common Problems?

One of the most common boiler problems you may encounter is a lack of hot water. This is often caused by broken diaphragms, failed valves, or thermostat problems.

Leaks and dripping are also common problems. Leaks weaken the efficiency of your boiler, as well as wear down other parts in your unit and create water damage. Leaks can also cause your boiler to make strange noises, such as whistling or gurgling sounds. Air can also enter your boiler pipes if there is a leak. Air in the pipes causes all sorts of strange noises, but it can also damage the pipes if it remains persistent. Left unattended, it can also lead to damaged mechanics.

Boilers rely on a consistently lit pilot light. However, a faulty pilot light may go out unexpectedly. This may be due to a broken thermocouple, or there may simply be a draft in the room. Leaks can even cause the pilot light to go out, which can cause your boiler to fail to ignite. If the pilot light doesn't turn on, your boiler won't heat water properly. This can cause serious problems down the road.

Are You Maintaining Your Boiler?

This is why regular boiler maintenance is so important. Proper maintenance goes a long way in keeping your boiler working in top condition. You can even perform a few basic inspections, such as checking for leaks, monitoring the temperature gauge, and checking on the pilot light. Reigniting the pilot light isn't too difficult, but this should only be performed by a technician. We provide comprehensive boiler maintenance and recommend inspections at least once a year.

Boilers are intricate units and can break down from the smallest problem. For example, if a single part goes out on your water pump, this can cause your boiler to falter and eventually shut down. If you have regular maintenance performed, our technicians will be able to catch problems like these before they have a chance to develop.

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