Commercial Backflow Testing and Certification in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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commercial backflow testing certification services in Guelph ON

Backflow is often caused by a problem with an irrigation system, or another system that runs off a public water supply or shared water station. If backflow happens, your water supply may become polluted. For example, if a property uses a malfunctioning sprinkler system to water the lawn around their complex, backflow through the line can cause the water supply to become contaminated. The chemicals, hazardous materials, and other harmful toxins introduced into the water supply can pose health risks.

Is Backflow Testing Required By Law?

In our area it is law that all commercial and industrial buildings have “Premise Isolation” installed and certified annually. It is also law that all commercial and industrial buildings have cross connection surveys performed and re-performed every 3 years. Contact your local Guelph plumbers at Lodder Brothers Limited for professional backflow testing services. We also serve surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

Regardless of the water source, whether it is a well, pond, or reuse system, steps must be made to prevent backflow and cross contamination. Even an old well that isn’t in use by the system must have proper backflow regulators installed to prevent a problem.

What Happens During Backflow Testing?

Our technicians will navigate all backflow problems and correct the issue, no matter how extensive the damage. We make sure future issues do not recur by stopping the problem at the source, or before it has a chance to contaminate the water supply.

We will also perform a deeper analysis of your water system using video pipe inspection. This service provides a detailed understanding of the problem and allows us to perform the best method of repair. We incorporate this service and more into an annual plumbing inspection for commercial properties.

Remember, it is best to have licensed technicians conduct backflow testing and perform necessary repairs and installations.

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