Commercial Bathroom Remodeling in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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Remodeling a commercial restroom or bathroom area requires additional issues to consider, issues that are different from residential bathroom remodeling. Read on to find out what you should know before you begin a remodeling project. If you are ready to start, give us a call and our Guelph-based technicians will arrive right away for an initial assessment. We also serve surrounding areas in Southern Ontario!

Are Your Sinks and Toilets Working As They Should?

Functionality is a crucial factor to consider if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom. If your bathroom or public restroom lacks the ability to provide employees and guests with basic requirements, such as running water and a flushing toilet, it may be time to begin plans for a remodeling project.

Before you start to make changes, though, talk to our technicians to see what will be involved in the remodeling process. We will make an evaluation to see if you have enough of the necessary fixtures to cater to your occupants. For example, if the restroom is a high-traffic area, you may want to consider adding one or two more sinks.

Interested in Making Your Restroom More Creative?

Want to impress your regulars as well as out of town customers? A restroom doesn't have to be located in a high-end hotel to take advantage of the finer things in life. In fact, you can easily incorporate the designs you think will appeal to your guests. To help you spruce up your area, we will recommend sink, faucet, and toilet models that are practical and pleasing to the eye.

We have encountered remodeling projects where we were asked by customers to fix previous jobs mangled by other contractors. Our technicians are licensed and experienced in handling the most challenging remodeling projects. We will make sure all of your fixtures are installed according to code, as well as guarantee clean, professional service. All of your new plumbing fixtures and equipment will be fitted properly and seamlessly to give your guests an exceptional experience.

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