Commercial Gas Line Repair and Leak Detection in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

Be prepared for gas leaks by having a reliable technician in your network. Call (519) 836-6370 for emergency repairs and leak detection in Guelph, ON.

If you suspect a gas leak, leave the property immediately and call 911. Do not try to shut off the gas supply, and do not turn on any electrical devices.


Looking for professionals experienced in gas line installation and repair? We help with all kinds of gas line problems for commercial properties throughout Guelph and surrounding areas.

Most of us associate plumbing with pipes, drains, and sewers. However, the modern plumber has a vast range of expertise and tools at his fingertips beyond the traditional plunger or drain snake. Our technicians are experienced in gas line repairs and installations, as well as gas leak detection.

As with water, the gas system in your property relies on a network of pipes to supply the needs of various appliances and fixtures within your building. Your gas pipes may experience leaks that can impact the performance of your appliances as well as pose health and safety risks. Read on to learn about gas leak warning signs.

How Can I Spot a Gas Leak?

One of the most direct ways to tell if you have a gas leak is by smell. If you have natural gas lines in your building and you suddenly smell an unpleasant odor similar to rotten eggs, alert your staff and leave the building right away. You most likely have a gas leak. While natural gas is odorless, a chemical known as mercaptan is added to your gas supply to warn you of any leaks.

Another warning sign of a gas leak is an unexpectedly high gas bill, or a gas appliance that is not performing as well as they should be. In some cases, you can even hear the 'œhiss' of gas leaking out of the line connected to your appliance.

Call Us Right Away For Expert Gas Leak Detection

Remember, a gas leak is extremely dangerous and should only be handled by a licensed professional. It's important to report a gas leak as soon as you notice it. Gas can build up over time, creating a hazardous environment where a major fire or explosion is just one spark away.

The good news is, our technicians have the tools necessary to locate gas leaks and repair them. Your business will return to normal in no time.

A gas line problem is an emergency. Take advantage of 24-hour live help and call (519) 836-6370 if you suspect a gas leak or disruption in your gas supply.