Commercial Gas Pipe and Appliance Services in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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As an owner or manager of a commercial property, your gas line is used for a number of purposes. Gas lines serve various appliances that heat your building, such as gas water heaters and boilers. If you need to repair or install a gas pipe, look to your local Guelph technicians at Lodder Brothers Limited. We also serve surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

Installing and Replacing Your Gas Pipes

You will first need to identify where you need a new gas pipe installed. If you want to install a new gas-fueled furnace, for instance, you will need to have the right gas piping put in place. Our technicians can also replace older gas lines that are in danger of leaking or are aged beyond repair.

If you notice that your gas appliances are struggling, they may not be getting the fuel they need. This could be due to minor leaks that have formed along your gas line. You should also pay attention to your monthly gas bill'”an unusually large bill could be caused by a gas leak that is making your appliances run inefficiently. Take time to watch out for the warning signs that may be affecting your gas pipeline.

Regular Gas Pipe Inspections

It is also important to have your gas pipes inspected on a regular basis. You don't want to let these lines deteriorate prematurely, since leaks can form with poor maintenance. Our technicians will provide a thorough inspection of your gas line to identify potential problems before they have a chance to develop further. Regular gas line inspections will go a long way in keeping your building safe.

Installing new gas pipes provides you with a clean and efficient fuel source. However, it will take some upkeep to make sure that your gas piping is working as it should. This will help ensure that your appliances are running at top efficiency while preventing your overhead expenses from increasing. Newer gas pipes can also help you avoid gas leaks and other problems that can emerge from old and damaged lines.

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