Commercial Sewer Line Repair in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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The sewer system in your commercial property requires regular maintenance and upkeep. A properly functioning sewer line is essential to keeping you and the surrounding community safe from toxic waste. Read on to find out if you are experiencing any of the common sewer line problems. If you are, contact your local Guelph plumbers at Lodder Brothers Limited for the right solution! You'll also find us serving surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

Worried that Your Sewer Line Needs Repair?

In general, if your sewer line has been in place for over forty years, it may be time to check in on it. You may need a replacement or a repair, depending on the extent of damage.

Signs you need to repair your sewer line:

Collapsed pipes: Collapsed, cracked, or broken sewer pipes are often caused by shifting soil, settling, and frozen ground.

Blockages: Foreign objects, grease buildup, and other debris can restrict the proper flow of water and waste in your sewer line.

Leaking joints: When the seals between pipes break, water can escape into the area around the pipe.

Corrosion: Rusting, or corrosion, is a common problem among sewer lines. Pipes become corroded for numerous reasons, including age, the quality of the pipe material, and the decomposition of waste matter. As a result, the pipes can collapse and restrict the flow of water.

Tree root invasion: The tiniest crack in your sewer line can invite tree or shrub roots to enter. These roots are often seeking water sources. Once the roots start growing within your pipes, they can choke your sewer line and contribute to clogging.

Heard About Sewer Trench Repairs? The Mess They Make? We've Got Good News!

The traditional sewer line repair method using the 'œtrench' or 'œopen cut' process to reach the damaged piping is now unnecessary. Our technicians will use pipe bursting methods and other trenchless repair methods to avoid damage to your parking lot, landscaping, and other areas of your property. This is a more cost effective way to have your sewer line repaired without incurring any unsightly damage.

What allows us to accurately repair your sewer line is a combination of skill and tools. Our highly trained technicians use video camera technology and specialized locating equipment to identify exact areas of damage within your sewer line. We also use these tools before performing hydrojetting services.

Are You Maintaining Your Sewer Lines?

To reduce your risk of sewer line problems, it is necessary to engage in regular maintenance services. An inspection every two to three years will identify any potential issues developing in your plumbing system for us to fix immediately. These immediate repairs will help you avoid major problems down the road.

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