Commercial Video Pipe Inspection in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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Your business relies on clean and functioning plumbing and sewer lines. This is essential for any business; if any part of your sanitary or storm sewer line becomes damaged, major issues can arise. Even smaller plumbing lines, such as those connected to your toilets, sinks, and drain systems, can significantly interrupt your normal operation. This is especially true for production or processing centres. Fortunately, there are ways to locate your pipe problems using video pipe inspection. We provide services to commercial properties throughout Guelph and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

What is Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspections are one of the latest technologies to help provide a comprehensive assessment of your pipelines.

The process is simple. We insert a long cable featuring a controllable camera into your pipes. The camera has the ability to zoom, tilt, and provide footage in real time. It can capture any angle and inspect the entire inner surface of the pipeline. From there the footage is recorded, and a complete computer diagnosis of the pipeline is performed.

Using some of the latest in software technology, the data gathered by the camera can help determine potential issues or identify current ones affecting your sewer or drain lines. The inspection will provide you with a complete analysis of the structural integrity of your plumbing lines, as well as identify any broken or collapsed pipes, corrosion or rust spots, misaligned pipes, and any leaking. The video technology will also allow us to identify tree root invasion, which can lead to significant damage if left untreated.

What are the Advantages of Video Pipe Inspection?

There are several advantages to using video pipe technology.

First, you can save on costly repairs. Having the ability to see the inside of pipes allows us to quickly isolate the location of the damaged area and carry out the most effective method of repair. There is no guesswork involved as to where the problem lies, and we can immediately pinpoint the location of the pipe for repair or replacement.

Video pipe inspection quickly locates the issue and saves time in figuring out the problem. This can help you save thousands of dollars in unneeded expenses.

Video pipe inspections can greatly benefit your business. Repairs can be done in half the time for almost half the cost in some situations. This is good for businesses that are looking to minimize daily operating costs and push that money to their investments and employees, helping to expand the company.

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