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Water filtration systems offer the latest advantages in water treatment technology that provides our customers with an endless supply of clean water for drinking and washing. Reducing the contact of untreated water on your fixtures and faucets can also help decrease the risk of premature deterioration and costly repairs. If you are ready to install a filtration system for your business, just give our technicians a call and we will be at your door as soon as possible. You'll find our service trucks serving customers throughout Guelph and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario. Read on to learn more about the benefits of water filtration.

What Exactly is Water Filtration?

Water filtration is the process of removing particles from the water and absorbing unwanted odors, tastes, and chlorine. Filtration also helps neutralize the water acidity. Chlorine water removal can be achieved by using granular activated carbon, carbon block filtration, or reverse osmosis. All of these filters control and remove the chlorine and odors from the drinking water supply. Water filters can be installed in the area of your choice, either at the points of use (faucets, refrigerators) or the points of entry where water enters your property.

Reverse osmosis systems, in particular, can reduce up to 99% of common contaminants in your water supply. They work to eliminate pollutants from your water such as chlorine, bacteria, and lead. These systems include water softeners, water conditioners, and microbial filtration systems. Removing harmful substances from your water supply will eliminate odor, foul taste, and residue left by hard water.

We also install emergency water filtration systems, which are non-electric and can be used when clean water and electricity are not readily available.

What are the Benefits of Filtered Water?

Filtered water is a great complement to your plumbing system. It will help with window washing, produce spot-free car washes, and improve the effects of humidifiers, greenhouses, solar panel cleaning, as well as improve the quality of your drinking water. If you operate a hotel, hospital, or another business where laundry is involved, you'll be glad to know that water filters can help you save money on detergents while also increasing the efficiency of your appliances (no harsh chemicals or minerals to deteriorate the machinery), which results in savings each month.

Water filtration benefits for'¦

Healthcare providers: Purified water is essential for ensuring the health of both patients and medical faculty. Washing hands with filtered water drastically reduces the spread of bacteria and other harmful chemicals found in hard water.

Hotel/hospitality establishments: With a water filtration system in place, hotels and hospitality businesses can expect cleaner and softer linens, healthier and better tasting drinking water for guests and faculty, and an increase in the efficiency of equipment.

Restaurants and food services: Restaurants and food service establishments can benefit from water filtration systems and receive better tasting water, cleaner linens, and spotless glassware. There will also be less scum and buildup on floors, machinery, and surfaces. Your staff will also benefit from cleaner hands when washing, ensuring excellent service for your patrons. The maintenance of fruits and vegetables should also be handled with clean, chemical-free water. Your customers will notice the fresh taste of fruits and vegetables cleaned by filtered water.

Universities and schools: Water filtration systems can provide clean drinking water for cafeterias, dining services, and water fountains. Dishes and equipment will be cleaned more thoroughly. The overall environment will feel cleaner and safer for students and faculty.

Our water filtration services will benefit your business and decrease your maintenance costs. We will help you choose the right filtration system for your business, provide a timely installation, and be available for any questions. Call us today at (519) 836-6370 for immediate assistance!