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The standard tank water heater we are so familiar with is actually outdated technology. Today's innovative technology and state of the art products provide an endless, as-needed supply of hot water. Below we discuss tankless water heaters and high-efficiency venting systems featured on many water heaters nowadays. Ready to install a new unit for your business? Contact our technicians for immediate assistance in Guelph and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

What's So Great About Tankless Water Heaters?

The benefits are plenty and maintenance requirements limited (but not to be overlooked). Tankless water heaters can help you qualify for tax credits, as they offer more hot water with less carbon emissions. By heating water only on demand, you will never run out of hot water and won't have to pay to heat water you won't be using.

Here are a few reasons why our customers have chosen to install tankless water heaters:

  • An endless supply of hot water.
  • Less energy used, since the units won't have to store forty or fifty gallons of hot water all the time.
  • Water is only heated when needed.
  • The life expectancy is much longer (greater than twenty-five years) compared to regular tank water heaters.
  • There is a lower risk of flooding from a burst tank.

Should I Install a Direct Vent or Power Direct Water Heater?

A great plumber specializes in the venting system you currently have, or a new venting system that will serve you better. Many individuals want to know the difference between a direct vent water heater and a power direct version, and if they need one or the other. Keep in mind that a power vent is used when the unit is installed in a closet or an interior wall. It must have venting to an outside wall, as well as a blower fan to remove gases from the water heater so they don't back up into your property.

New technology has allowed high-efficiency water heaters to take the flue from the burner, and instead of venting it through the top of the heater, the flue is returned to the inside of the tank so that the heat can be absorbed by the water. This means improved flow rates for more efficient hot water delivery, hour after hour.

Finding the Right Plumber for Your Water Heater Needs

The advances in plumbing technology, including water heater developments, make it imperative to work with trained experts. Our team of technicians have experience installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of water heaters, including gas, electric, propane, tankless, power vent, direct vent, and direct power vent systems. We provide detailed estimates, with no hidden charges.

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