Commercial Water Softener Services in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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Keep your water safe, clean, and fresh with a new water softener. Our water treatment specialists will help you install, repair, and maintain your water softener systems, making sure they're working efficiently night and day. If you're in Guelph or surrounding areas in Southern Ontario, give us a call and we will get to your business right away. Ask us about our water softener rental program!

Why Should I Invest in a Water Softener?

Water softeners remove harsh elements such as magnesium and calcium from hard water. If these minerals continue to run through your water supply, they will eventually build up in your pipes and cause them to corrode much more quickly. Commercial water softeners can help keep your appliances clean while the mineral deposits are filtered out. This reduces scale buildup and hard water stains. Your staff and guests can taste fresh, cleaner, better tasting water. You will also experience incredible savings with less need for appliance and fixture repairs or maintenance!

Aside from the practical benefits, you'll also feel the aesthetic improvements: softer, smoother skin and hair (if you have locker rooms or showers on your property). You'll soon discover that your skin is not as dry as it used to be!

How Does the Water Softening Process Work?

Hard water passes through a bed of resin containing sodium and potassium ions. As the water passes through the resin, the ions in the hard water become trapped in the resin and are replaced by the sodium and potassium ions. These sodium and potassium ions are then released into the water supply, effectively softening it. The harder the water quality, the more sodium or potassium ions are released from the resin.

Is a Water Softener Right for Your Business?

While water softeners are extremely helpful, they are not for everyone. One drawback to installing a water softener is if you or any staff members are on a low-sodium diet. With a water softener, the increase in sodium levels (pertaining to those systems releasing sodium) can be significant.

Another consideration to keep in mind is the effect on the environment. Over time, the resins will gradually lose their effectiveness and must be regenerated by passing through a concentrated brine solution. Some jurisdictions require you to dispose of the used salt in an approved site, or to use a commercial service company. Most water softener systems provide metered control valves to minimize the frequency of regeneration, as well as adjust the amount of salt used during each regeneration. We will help you make the best decision while remaining compliant with local regulations.

Call (519) 836-6370 to find out if a water softener is right for you. We will provide a no-obligation consultation to help you decide which water softening system is best for your needs.