Commercial Plumbing Services in Guelph

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commercial plumbing installations and repairs in Guelph, Waterloo and Kitchener, ON

Commercial plumbing problems require effective and efficient solutions. Our commercial customers know that Lodder Brothers Limited is prepared to handle any plumbing emergency or routine inspection. If you have a business based in Guelph or neighbouring areas in Southern Ontario, give us a call and we will get to the source of your plumbing problem in no time.

Do You Have a Faulty Water Heater or Septic Tank Problem?

Many buildings in the Ontario area feature older Victorian structures that require regular plumbing maintenance. Some of the most common commercial plumbing problems include damaged water heaters and septic tanks. It's important to perform regular inspections on these systems to ensure that they are operating at optimal levels. For example, regularly maintenance on your water heater will allow us to catch potential issues such as a faulty pilot light or thermostat before they develop into larger problems.

Here are other common plumbing problems we typically handle for our customers:

  • Clogged drains that may be causing flooding or other building problems. We can remove the most stubborn clogs with professional drain cleaning services, including hydrojetting, or snaking and rooting.
  • Burst pipes that can potentially damage your walls, flooring, and building foundation. We are on call 24/7 to handle any burst pipe or water leak problems so you and your guests don't have to stand knee-deep in water waiting for service.
  • A broken furnace or boiler. Our technicians can help diagnose furnace and boiler problems so you can get back to enjoying warmth during the colder months.

Call Your Commercial Plumbing Experts Today

At a time when competition is very keen, the last thing you want as a business owner is a plumbing emergency that hinders your daily operation. When you're caught in an inconvenient situation, take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service and we'll get your problem sorted out as soon as possible.

Contact us at (519) 836-6370 and we will make sure to get your plumbing back in top shape!