Gas Line Repair and Leak Detection in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

Be prepared for gas leaks with a professional technician handy. Call (519) 836-6370 gas leak detection and gas line repairs in Guelph, ON.

If you smell a gas leak in your home, leave the area immediately; once in a safe location, call 911.

gas line repair and leak detection service in Guelph, Waterloo and Kitchener, ON

Your gas line is vulnerable to damage over time, which can cause dangerous gas leaks in your home. That's why it's crucial to have a go-to plumbing technician in your network who can get to your property as soon as possible to investigate and repair the problem. Our technicians have the experience you need to get your home's gas line back in order again. We conveniently serve residents throughout Guelph and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

Is Your Gas Bill Higher Than Usual?

There a number of signs to watch out for if you're suspicious of a gas leak in your home. Check your gas bill to see if you notice any irregularities. If your gas bill is exceptionally high, then you may have a leak along the line. With a leak, your heating appliances (water heater, furnace, boiler, or stove) require more energy than normal to produce the same results. It won't take long for your gas bill to start rising, even if there is only a small leak in the line.

Can You Prevent Gas Leaks?

If you don't already invest in regular gas line maintenance, you may want to consider this preventive service. A general inspection of your gas line can help reveal areas that are vulnerable to leaking and prevent significant damage from happening. If you are able to catch these leaks early on, you can safely avoid a number of issues that may otherwise affect your home.

You may also need to replace old sections of your piping. This is a great preventive measure that can help prolong the efficiency of your gas appliances while keeping your home safe from unexpected gas leaks.

What Should You Do During a Gas Leak?

If you suspect a gas leak, it's imperative that you leave your property at once and call for emergency assistance. You don't want to allow the gas to combust. Being proactive with your gas line inspections and enlisting help as soon as a gas leak is noticed can help keep you and your home safe.

Call us at (519) 836-6370 for immediate gas line service and leak detection. We are here for you 24/7, so you can get help when you need it most.