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Service Highlight: Do I Need to Install a Water Softener?

More and more people are choosing to install water softeners in their homes and offices, but what are the benefits and how does it work?

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Water softeners are designed to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water using reverse osmosis (sometimes referred to as ion exchange). The hard water enters a series of resin filters in the water softener system, which contains tiny polymeric beads specially charged with sodium ions. As the hard water filters through the water softener, the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. Sodium, better known as salt, is highly soluble (unlike calcium) and will not form limescale or scum, as is the case with untreated hard water. Once the resin filters have exchanged all their sodium-charged ions for calcium and magnesium ions, it is a simple matter to recharge the water filter by flushing it through with a salt water solution. Water softeners come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to obtain the right one for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Water Softener?

Cleaner fixtures: One of the first things most people notice after installing a water softener system is the reduction in time spent cleaning faucets, showers, basins, and just about anywhere that is touched by your tap water. You will also notice that the water lathers up much more easily than before, saving you from constantly purchasing soap, shampoo, and even laundry detergents.

Improved appliance efficiency: Another great benefit is the savings on your heating bill, as well as the improved efficiency of your heating appliances. Water softeners eliminate the buildup of limescale in your pipes, radiators, and central heating boilers, allowing them to operate more efficiently and prolonging their lifespan.

Softer hair and skin: Water treatment can also have aesthetic benefits. By using less soap and shampoo, you will notice how much softer your hair and skin will feel. Studies in the UK, Japan, and Spain also suggest that in areas with untreated hard water, the incidence of eczema and psoriasis can be 50% higher than in areas with soft water.

Environmental benefits: Less obvious are the environmental benefits. By significantly reducing the amount of chemicals you use in both personal hygiene and cleaning products, you will be producing far less waste water containing such harmful chemicals.

What are Alternatives to Water Softeners?

Water softener alternatives include various water conditioners. These conditioners are often electrostatic or electromagnetic devices that work by introducing an electric charge to the water supply as it enters your property. This encourages the formation of crystals within the water to which (when heated) the calcium particles will attach themselves instead of the pipes or other metalwork. While water conditioners are easy to install and more affordable, they are not as efficient as water softeners and have fewer health benefits.

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