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Some of the more troubling plumbing issues come from septic systems. However, paying attention to problem signs and receiving prompt repairs will help you avoid larger damages. We provide expert septic tank services throughout Guelph and surrounding areas in Ontario'”contact us as soon as you notice the problems detailed below.

Be on the Lookout for These Septic Tank Problems

Scum seepage: One main issue to look for is seepage of any kind. What kind of seepage should you be looking for? It can come in a few different forms. Some you can actually see, while others you'll have to detect by their effects on other parts of your plumbing system.

Scum layers are the easiest to detect. Scum layers consist of oil, fats, grease, and other substances that are lighter than water. These substances will float to the top of the tank. When problems occur with the septic tank, this is usually what you will find seeping out first. Stopping scum seepage as early as possible will help you avoid further damage.

Effluent: Effluent is basically the wastewater that is left in the septic tank. The top layer is the scum, and beneath that is the effluent layer. This is the least common form of seepage you will experience. If there is a problem with the effluent, it will usually be expressed through another layer. Still, this is another reason why it's important to enlist in professional plumbing services. Technicians familiar with septic tanks can often detect the signs of an effluent leak simply by examining the effect it has on the surroundings.

Sludge: The worst septic tank problems usually have to do with a substance known as sludge. The sludge consists of various materials that are heavier than water and which build up over time. This accumulation will begin to block your pipes, which will not only lead to seepage of effluent and scum, but which will also cause further damage to your plumbing system at large.

Timely Septic Tank Repairs for an Overall Healthy Plumbing System

Even a little waste seepage can point to various underlying issues that can end up damaging your plumbing system at large. Septic tank problems can also harm the land around your home and even affect your neighbours' properties. By being attentive and calling for help at the first sign of problems, you will keep your plumbing system running well while maintaining the safety of the properties around you.

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