Video Pipe Inspection in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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Video Pipe Inspection in Guelph, Waterloo and Kitchener, ON

The video camera has become one of the most important tools used today in the plumbing industry. This specialized camera allows easy access and inspections of sewer pipes and plumbing lines, septic systems, and main intake and drain pipes. This method is noninvasive and will not damage your plumbing system. It can determine the inside condition of the pipes, areas of leakage, and flow rates, as well as provide accurate details of your pipe system. At Lodder Brothers Limited, we provide complete video camera inspections to get to the source of your plumbing problems. Our services extend throughout Guelph and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario.

How Does a Video Camera Inspection Work?

Once an access point has been determined, a high-definition camera mounted on a flexible rod is fed through the sewer line or pipe. The camera transmits a detailed video image to the camera technician, who then reads the images on a screen monitor. The images provide detailed views of the pipe interior, its condition, and any traces of cracks, bends, or blockages. The images can be saved to the drive for later viewing and evaluation. Radio transmitters on the camera are able to transmit the surface depth and direction, which allows a precise location of problem areas.

Using a video pipe camera saves you on costly excavation work. You won’t need to invest in any exploratory excavation and dig under foundations. There is no guesswork involved. Video pipe technology allows you to see exactly what is wrong with your pipes, as well as provide you with a preview of a cleared clog to confirm that full water flow has been restored.

What Can the Camera Locate?

A variety of major or minor problems, in addition to potential problems, can be located and studied with camera pipe technology. These cameras can locate cracked or split pipes, metal deterioration, root invasion, the size and type of blockages, and even foreign objects such as lost jewelry.

As a precaution, to protect the optics, a clog is usually broken up to provide a dry viewing area. Damage to pipes and obstructions are easily found by the camera operator and can be mapped on a schematic. This enables us to know the exact location of the problem, including the size of the obstruction, its origin, and depth.

When Should You Perform Video Pipe Inspection?

The time to consider a video inspection is when a sudden increase in the water bill is realized, but no obvious leaks are found. This could indicate a cracked or broken pipe somewhere in the lines.

Any type of sink, shower, toilet, or drain backup is reason to suspect a problem in the drain pipes. This would include instances of unusually low or high water pressure in the system, such as strange thumping noises in the wall or under the floorboards. Otherwise, a yearly inspection will be enough to catch most potential problems that could later evolve into a more serious condition.

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