Water Filtration Installation and Repair in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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It's natural for homeowners to want the cleanest, highest quality water for their needs. Since water quality tends to vary depending on your location, a water filtration system is a practical way to make sure that the water entering your home is as safe as possible. Contact us today for installation services in Guelph and surrounding communities in Ontario.

Save on Premature Plumbing Repairs With a Water Filter

Aside from the outright health benefits, you will also experience greater efficiency in your appliances and plumbing fixtures. The sediments and minerals that accumulate in your plumbing pipes as a result of poorly filtered water can end up causing your equipment to prematurely break down and malfunction. The particles in unfiltered water can also cause your pipes to decay and your drains to clog. Installing a water filter system will help you save on costly plumbing repairs and unnecessary expenses due to avoidable water problems.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are numerous types of water filtration systems, each specializing in controlling certain types of impurities.

The most common form of filtration is the charcoal filter, which is a budget-friendly choice for many households.

Depending on your specific needs, there are systems that specialize in neutralizing chlorine or distilling water to remove minerals. There are also small ceramic filters available geared for short-term use, such as camping or hiking trips. Other filtration systems work through reverse osmosis, which uses the same process involved in removing salt from ocean water.

There is a filtration system to fit every household need and budget and raise the quality of your water to the level you desire. The best way to determine the ideal water filter type for your needs is through the help of your professional plumbing technician. We will help you evaluate the extent of your needs and recommend the right water filtration system to meet those needs. We will also guide you through the system's features and how to maintain it.

With today's advanced and specialized water filtration technology, there is no need to take risks with low quality water. Call us today at (519) 836-6370 to install your new water filtration system at an upfront rate.