Water Softener Installation and Repair in Guelph and Kitchener – Waterloo area

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water softeners services in Guelph, Waterloo and Kitchener, ON

Hard water is like a termite on your wallet, subtly eating away at your home's efficiency. You may not even know that your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher are adding to your regular energy consumption due to hard water. Read on to find out more about how hard water affects your everyday appliances. Then, consider the benefits of installing a water softener. We help residents throughout Guelph and surrounding areas install and repair water softener systems.

How to Save Money With a Water Softener

A water softener will help you reduce energy costs and maximize the efficiency of various appliances around your home.

Water heaters: If you have ever drained your water heater (something you should be doing yearly if you don't have a water softener), you may have noticed the small 'rocks' that come out during the process. These mineral particles settle and build up on the bottom of your water heater tank, causing your unit to run longer and work harder to overcome the resistance that the buildup creates. Simply draining your water heater won't get all of the particles out, as some will settle below the valve, making it difficult to remove. The minerals can also build up in your pipes and slowly restrict water flow over time.

Installing a water softener will help eliminate the minerals from your water supply, which frees your water heater from damaging buildup. This gives you a more efficient unit that will last longer and save you on added energy expenses.

Washing machines: With a water softener, your washing machine will require less maintenance because the valves will stay clean instead of getting clogged with minerals over time.

Hard water also fades clothing and adds to their stiffness. A water softener will leave your clothes feeling fresh and softer by remove the 'œsoap curd' (a term for the combination of soap and minerals that get left behind in your washing machine and clothes). You can use a lot less detergent while getting better results!

Dishwasher: Your dishwasher is similar in operation to the washing machine, and installing a water softener will give you the same cleaning benefits: no mineral buildup, less detergent required, and cleaner dishes. Your dishwasher will run more efficiently while saving you on avoidable repair costs.

Water Softeners Also Benefit Hair and Skin

When you get out of the shower, you're cleaner, but you may not be completely clean. That gritty or high-friction feeling you get on your skin when you rinse off the soap means you've gotten enough soap off that it isn't acting on the mineral residue. You could be using far less soap and coming out cleaner in the process with a water softener. Your water will be free of the mineral deposits that dry out your skin and dull your hair.

Experience everyday chores with a fresh approach! Water softeners help keep your most used appliances in good working order so you can avoid unnecessary repair and premature breakdowns. Call us today at (519) 836-6370 to install your new water softener system.