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How to Deal With Sewer Line Backups

What Are Sewer Line Backups? 

A sewage backup happens when wastewater cannot flow through the main sewer line because of a blockage or another reason, causing the water to back up into the home through the drains or toilets. Backups can release contaminants inside the house and eventually cause illness if they are not fixed, so it’s important to have sewer line repairs or cleanouts done immediately. Here, homeowners can learn common causes of backed-up sewer lines, how they are fixed, and how homeowners can help avoid them.

Causes of Sewage Backups 

tree roots Several problems can cause sewer line backups. Some common reasons behind a  sewer line backup are clogs, tree roots, or crushed or damaged piping from issues like shifting soil or age and wear and tear. If homeowners experience multiple sewage backups, there may be an underlying cause.

If trees are planted too close to the sewer line, their roots will gravitate toward nutrients in the pipe. Tree roots are strong enough to damage and crack piping, and they can cause a blockage when they get inside. But broken and clogged pipes can be caused by more than just tree roots. The sewer line is not designed to last forever and will eventually need repiping. Old pipes can corrode or become damaged, causing them to collapse. Whatever the cause, it’s essential to leave repairing the cause of sewer line backups to a plumber.

How Are Sewer Line Backups Repaired?

how to fix a backed up sewer lineDepending on the cause of the backup, different repair methods may be used. Sewer video inspection can accurately detect the cause of a sewage backup, allowing plumbers to determine what needs to be done for the repair. Clogs inside the pipes are a fairly common plumbing problem that can be handled with drain cleaning. Hydro jet drain cleaning is one method used to remove blockages by using water to blast away hard-to-reach clogs. Hydrojetting can remove all sorts of clogs, from grease to tree roots.

Broken underground pipes are more difficult to fix. If a sewer line inspection finds cracked or damaged piping due to issues like tree roots, plumbers may be able to use trenchless sewer repair methods to fix it. Trenchless pipe repair does not involve digging in the yard to access the pipe and uses much less invasive techniques like pipe lining. In some cases, the lines may need to be replaced entirely. 

Preventing Blockages and Sewage Backups

Homeowners can help prevent sewage backups by scheduling routine plumbing maintenance where the condition of the pipes can be checked and preventing some common causes of clogs. Some tips to prevent sewer line clogs are to avoid disposing of food waste in the drains and to use drain screens throughout the home that can catch things like hair and food to prevent them from entering the sewer line.

Some food waste that should never go down a drain includes coffee grounds, pasta, other starches, and oil and grease, which can create a solid mass when it cools, contributing to clogging. Additionally, only toilet paper and waste should be flushed down a toilet. 

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