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Prevent a Scare This Halloween With Backflow Testing

What Is Plumbing Backflow?

Plumbing backflow is a scary situation for homeowners. Backflow is when contaminated wastewater gets into a clean water line. This can happen because of an underground pipe clog or if the main water line bursts. Flooding from storms can also cause a backflow of contaminated water into the home’s plumbing system. 

Backflow can contain bacteria and viruses and spread illnesses. In addition to human waste, backflow can also be contaminated with chemical pesticides or pharmaceuticals. Homeowners can protect themselves from a backflow nightmare this Halloween by having their backflow preventers inspected and tested by a professional. 

Why Is Backflow Dangerous?back flow

Backflow can cause water damage to the home, expose homeowners to health hazards, and cause corrosion of the plumbing system. Plumbers help protect public health by providing solutions for preventing water contamination. Apartment complexes, offices, and other public buildings are required to do regular backflow testing to prevent the spread of illness through contaminated water.

Backflow can contain human waste, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other dangerous substances. Homeowners can contract viruses and be exposed to chemicals because of backflow. A contaminated water supply can be hard to predict, but homeowners can do their part to prevent backflow by investing in routine plumbing maintenance and backflow testing.

In addition to being hazardous to human health, backflow can also negatively impact the plumbing system’s hardware. Corrosive materials in the contaminated water can corrode metal pipes and plumbing fixtures. Preventing backflow also helps to prevent pipe leaks and burst pipes. 


How Backflow Testing Works

Plumbers can install safety devices to keep backflow from entering the plumbing system, but these devices can fail, so they must be routinely tested to ensure they’re working properly. Backflow testing services should be done by a professional plumber. The plumber will inspect the backflow prevention safety features to ensure they run properly. 

The plumber will test for potential problems and fix the source of any water pressure imbalance that could cause backflow. During plumbing maintenance appointments, the plumber can inspect the plumbing for signs of damage that could cause a potential plumbing emergency.

Commercial and residential properties both need to have backflow prevention devices. Multi-family housing and commercial properties may require backflow testing annually to ensure the prevention devices are running properly. Still, all homes can benefit from this service. The city may cut off water for businesses that fail to complete backflow testing by a required date. 

Importance of Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is a smart investment for homeowners that want to stay safe from contaminated water and protect their homes from water damage. Plumbing disasters can be unpredictable, so installing a prevention device and regularly testing it can save homeowners from a backflow emergency. 

Backflow testing helps protect public health by preventing the spread of diseases. Homeowners can do their part to protect their community from waterborne illness by preventing backflow at home. The automatic shut-off valves in backflow prevention devices need to be tested annually because the valves can wear out over time.

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