New Construction Plumbing for Commercial Sites in Guelph area

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There is a lot to consider when building a new property. Plumbing should be on top of the list of important things to plan. New construction plumbing is convenient to install, as the spaces where drains and water lines should go are easily accessed.

If you do business in Guelph or surrounding areas in Southern Ontario, look to Lodder Brothers Limited for all of your plumbing installation needs!

When helping you with your new site, we will first create a plumbing layout. Plumbing is vital to the operation and comfort of your new property. This job is best left to the experts to ensure that everything ends up working as they should.

Our technicians will work with you to choose the most suitable plumbing materials that fit your needs and budget. We will go through each room and help you decide what plumbing fixtures you need and where you need it. Outdoors, there are also the outside faucets to consider. Insulation and heat wraps may need to be added as well to some of your pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winter.

Once your plumbing is installed, there will be an inspection to ensure that everything is installed correctly. An inspector will come into your home and look over the entire plumbing system to determine if it is compliant with local code. Your area may have different plumbing regulations, so be sure to check with your local building authority to make sure you are meeting all the requirements. The inspector may even want to inspect the plans before the actual plumbing construction begins.

A new construction plumbing project is a large one, but with help from the team at Lodder Brothers Limited, it will be a seamless experience.

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