Commercial Drain Cleaning and Hydrojetting in Guelph area

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The last thing you want is for your plumbing to wear down, which could lead to costly repairs and replacements. This is something that you don't have time for as a business owner or property manager who is busy with the daily operations of your company.

While it may be easy to solve clogged drains with chemical cleaners or perhaps the plunger, these are only short term solutions that do not remove the source of the blockage. Severe blockages in your sewer line, for instance, can lead to overflowing drains and toilets.

If you notice consistent drain blockages or suspect a more significant problem farther in the lines, call for professional help.

Lodder Brothers Limited provides drain cleaning and hydrojetting solutions for businesses throughout Guelph and surrounding areas in Ontario.

What's Causing the Blocked Drains?

Various factors can cause drains to clog. The most common is flushing items down that are too large to fit through the pipes.

Hair is another common factor in drain clogs. With several occupants going in and out of the restroom several times a day, it is easy for your sink and drains to accumulate excess hair. Even if the hair is not thick enough to block the drain, it will eventually pick up other items, which will limit the flow of water even more. As more and more items cling to the hair, it makes it that much more difficult for anything else to move past the clump.

Different particles that pass through your drains on a regular basis can also contribute to problems in the plumbing line. These waste materials can build up along the walls of your drain, and over time the passageway will become too tight that it will slow down the flow of water. If anything more than water should pass through, it will completely block out the drain.

Should You Choose Regular Drain Cleaning or Hydrojetting?

Smaller clogs will simply need a regular drain clean, which will usually involve drain snaking or rooting. Clogs that are deeper in the pipeline, or more difficult to remove, will require hydrojet cleaning.

Hydrojetting is needed for heavy-duty blockage removal, especially ones that have built up over time. The hydrojet process fits a slim tube into the drain, then spins to move through the debris and make a path for itself. From there, it fires off water at an extremely high rate of speed, allowing the water to break off the stubborn debris and clean the sides of your pipes.

The hydrojet solution is an effective way to wash the interior of pipes and return your drain flow to normal. Hydrojetting is extremely safe on your plumbing, with no harsh chemicals used. It will allow your plumbing lines to open up again in no time and let your guests and staff and enjoy improved convenience.

Why Work With Us?

It's not every day that you get to work with a plumbing contractor who is genuinely interested in your concerns. At Lodder Brothers Limited, we personalise every project and get to know your specific needs. We do not take customer service lightly. Every member of our team is with us because they show exceptional customer service skills and a willingness to go above and beyond to solve your problems.

More reasons to choose us:

  • Master Plumbers with over 55 years of combined experience guarantee that the job will be completed to the highest standard.
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing to ensure you receive the best service at the best value.
  • Quality products from major brands and manufacturers you trust that will provide you with years of reliable service.

We have been providing trusted plumbing services to commercial properties throughout Southern Ontario since 1975. You won't find us cutting corners to save a few dollars. Instead, we only use high quality materials and products to ensure your long term peace of mind. All of our services comply with local safety standards and regulations so you enjoy efficient plumbing without unexpected breakdowns or emergencies. That's the Lodder Brothers promise.

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