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Get the Full Picture With Sewer Camera Inspection

All About Sewer Video Inspection 

Plumbers use many tools and equipment in their work, and one vital tool at their disposal to help diagnose sewer line problems is sewer cameras. Sewer video inspection offers plumbers high-resolution images of clogs, leaks, and other issues deep within the plumbing system. But when is a sewer camera inspection necessary? And what are their advantages? Here in this blog, homeowners can learn about these services and how they make plumbers’ jobs easier. 

What Exactly Is Sewer Camera Inspection? 

cameraImagine a plumber coming to a house with sewer line issues. Rather than dig up the yard or make guesses to diagnose the cause of the problem, they may use a sewer camera to see the problem up close, helping them determine the best solution. Here’s how sewer video inspection services work: 

  • The plumber uses a camera connected to a long, flexible cable that can make its way through sewer lines. 
  • They feed the camera into a sewer line access point, either by hand or using a motor. The access point is usually a drain or another opening. 
  • The plumber then remotely controls the camera and navigates through the sewer line piping. During this process, they may take photos or record videos. 
  • Once the plumber has gotten the complete picture, they retrieve the camera. Afterward, they can advise homeowners on what measures will best solve their sewer line problem. 

When Are Sewer Video Inspection Services Necessary? 

A plumber may use a sewer line camera to determine the cause of a problem, understand the condition of pipes, or see the extent of damage if households experience signs of sewer line issues, such as: 

  • Foul odors like the smell of sewage
  • Multiple backups or clogs
  • Slow draining throughout a home’s drains
  • Soggy areas in the yard 
  • Suspected tree root intrusion 

What Are the Benefits of Sewer Inspection Camera Services? 

clogSewer line cameras allow plumbers to make more accurate judgments based on their findings on the best solution to a problem. They also allow them to inspect the piping without digging up the lawn or excavating. Benefits of sewer video inspection include: 

  • Can save money: Plumbers don’t have to use expensive trial-and-error techniques or excavation when aiming to remedy a problem. Instead, they can rely on these devices to accurately diagnose issues and fix them right the first time. Additionally, they can help catch minor issues before they become more costly.
  • Noninvasive: They can help diagnose problems more accurately and catch damage like leaks, clogs, corrosion, and intruding tree roots without invasive excavation that causes damage to a yard or property and requires cleanup. 
  • They offer peace of mind: With a professional using a sewer line camera, homeowners can rest assured that the job is done correctly because the problem has been seen and is not assumed. 

About Lodder Brothers Limited 

Lodder Brothers Limited is a plumbing company that has been serving Kitchener and the surrounding areas since 1975. They offer upfront pricing, comprehensive solutions, and a 2-year guarantee on plumbing repairs. Call them today for video pipe inspections in Kitchener, ON

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