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How to Find an Underground Water Line Leak

Three Ways to Identify a Hidden Leak 

Leaks don’t just happen under sinks and toilets; they can also occur in the plumbing underground. Because hidden leaks can go undetected for a long time, causing damage and high water bills, it’s vital to try and identify them early. This blog post will share three ways to be alerted to a water leak so homeowners can consult a plumber right away. 

Signs of a Hidden Water Leak 

leakSome common signs of a leak in the water line include: 

  • Puddles of water or wet spots in the yard or coming up through the floorboards 
  • The sound of running water when no water is being used 
  • A decrease in the water pressure
  • Unusually high water bills 
  • Mold and mildew growth

Once someone notices these signs, they should call a plumber immediately to prevent further damage and high water costs.   

Check the Water Meter 

One of the most common and easy ways for homeowners to identify a water leak on their property is to check their water meter. Most water meters are typically located in a box near the street or sidewalk outside of a home or in a basement. Before starting the check, it’s important to make sure no water-using appliances like clothes washers or dishwashers are in use.  

To begin using a water meter to check for a leak, locate the meter and take a reading. Wait for around 15-30 minutes, ensuring no plumbing fixtures and appliances, including those outside, get used during that time, and then take another reading. If the numbers have changed when no water was used, it indicates that there is a leak.

Professional Leak Detection 

professionalsWhen it comes to water leak detection, the best way to go about finding and fixing leaks is by enlisting professionals to help. Professional plumbers have access to specialized tools and techniques that make locating and repairing hidden and underground water leaks simple and efficient. 

For instance, one of the most common methods used by professional plumbers for leak detection is acoustic leak detection. This method uses an acoustic leak detector to amplify sound waves that can locate even the smallest of leaks. By listening for these sounds, the plumber can easily pinpoint where the water is leaking from.

Another common tool used by professionals for leak detection is thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging cameras use heat-sensing technology to detect temperature differences from moisture which in turn can help identify where the water leak is coming from. This is especially helpful for detecting leaks behind walls and in hard-to-reach places.

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