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Learn the Signs of a Water Leak

Leak Detection 101 

Water leaks can cause significant damage, leading to plumbing and home repairs. Homeowners should be aware of the warning signs of a water leak and contact a professional plumber immediately whenever a leak is detected to prevent damage from worsening. If the water leak reaches the home’s electrical wiring, it could cause an accidental house fire or electrocution. 

One of the worst things that can happen due to a water leak is mold and mildew begin to grow inside the home. Once mold has started to grow, it can be extremely difficult to have it all removed. It causes property damage and is terrible for human health. Symptoms of mold exposure include headaches, fatigue, increased risk of disease, and asthma attacks. 

Knowing the warning signs of a leak is essential for homeowners to protect themselves from paying for property damage repairs or suffering from mold exposure. Visually inspecting the plumbing for signs of a leak or water damage can only go so far. In this blog post, we give three ways that homeowners can detect hidden water leaks. 

Strange Sounds 

Homeowners should pay attention to hissing or running water sounds from the plumbing. When there is a running water, hissing, or dripping sound when the plumbing is not in use, this is a warning sign of a pipe leak in the home. Homeowners should not ignore the warning signs of a water leak and should contact a plumber immediately. 

Professional plumbers can also use sound to find pipe leaks. Pipe leak detectors are devices that can listen for the sound of running water to locate where exactly the leak is located. This enables plumbers to find the source of the leak easily. 

Changes In Water Pressure

water When water leaks out of a pipe before it reaches its final destination, it can cause less water pressure from fixtures. Reduced water pressure from one or more plumbing fixtures in the home is a warning sign of a water leak. If low water pressure comes from just one fixture, it is likely a problem with the fixture itself or an isolated issue in that area. 

When there is a leak in the main water line, it can cause there to be less water pressure throughout all of the home’s plumbing fixtures. Though it may not seem like a huge inconvenience, there could still be water damage from the leak, so homeowners should call a plumber as soon as they notice it. 

Increased Water Bills 

billHigher water bills are also a sign of a water leak. Pipe leaks and underground plumbing leaks can waste many gallons of water over time if left in a state of disrepair. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it also can cause homeowners' water bills to increase. 

Wasting water is another one of the unfortunate downsides of having a leak. Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible protects the homeowner from wasting money on utility bills. Water damage from a hidden leak can also be extensive and lead to pricey repairs, so it is best not to wait to call a plumber when a leak is detected. 

Professional plumbers will quickly troubleshoot the source of the leak using specialized tools and by examining the water meter before recommending the best solutions. One way to tell if there is a leak in the home is to shut off the water using the main shut-off valve and then watch the meter. If the water meter still shows water flowing through the pipes, this usually means there is a leak. 

About Lodder Brothers Limited 

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